25-28 June 2009 - Ste Marie-aux-Mines Show (Euromin)


Jin, Yanna and our display case with fine mineral specimens. On Jins hand, its a fine wulfenite from China.

Later on this show, this wulfenite was bought by a museum of France.


Some fine carving, polished products from other show booths.


At early morning, we look around the street of the town.


A food market on street - vegetables & fruits, very fresh!




When we back to entrance, its still little earlier than time of open. Some dealers maybe visitors are waiting before gate.


I assume lot of dealersand visitorsare very fimilar with this bus stop.  The bus from Ste Marie to Selestar stop here.

Now its early morning,  nobody here. But after show closed each day, there will be tens of people.


Everyday, this gengleman bring us by his car between hotel and show.

He said, every year hell stay at this hotel during show time, Its been almost 20 years.


They stay here many years too.


Out of hotel, we go far into the farm.


Jin with the corn



Looking through the windows of our hotel. Here hotel is very very different from these of big cities. It looks youre living at home!


Back yard of the hotel.


Back yard of the hotel. The vegetable of our dinner at the hotel come from here - very fresh!


Also flowers in back yard.


on railway station - from Selestar France to Frankfurt Germany


Jin at Frankfurt


A swan - She is shy.





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