Can you believe its Tucson show time again? Yes, it is!

At 2012, we have 2 show locations, one is same as before - Room 122 of Quality Inn Benson Highway,

Room 268 of Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly Innsuites) is 2nd location.

Again, its a good show and happy time for us.


Mr. Jin at entrance of Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly Innsuites).


Our show room - #268 of Hotel Tucson City Center (formly Innsuites), with the poster.



Its very early in the morning, all are very quiet.


Our show room - Pretty Wulfenite & Manganlcalcite


Inside of our show room, there are fine mineral specimens and lot of wholesale quantities.


Mr. Jin at front of the room -  a good place to view the dinosaurs on sand pit.


Looking from our show room - The dinosaurs are coming and roaring!


Lot of people come to InnSuites for Mineral hunting!


Boys and girls are playing on the yard while their parents busy on minerals.


Display at lobby.





Its time for lunch!  Would you like have a try on this pizza?


Beginning from 2013, China (Changsha) International Mineral & Gem show will be held at Changsha.

Looking forward to see friends here!



Besides InnSuites, we have a show room at Quality Inn.


Mr. Jin  - We have had several years happy time at this room.



 Inside of our show room #122 of Quality Inn.


During last years, here we have had happy meeting and happy time with lot of friends coming from the world.

But now its sad to say bye to Quality Inn - since the show at Quality Inn will be closed at 2013.

All dealers here will be moved to Hotel Tucson City Center.




At end of main show, we have a quick look at the show and say hello to old friends who have a booth here.

Hope all of you have a good show!


Mr. Jin at Tucson Convention Center.


Excellent Sphalerite.


Nice minerals, Nice display


Busy people.


Again, its time to say bye to Tucson, just like say bye to an old friend. Its always a sad time.


Tucson sight.

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Waiting for our airline at the Los Angeles airport.


The red dashed line is the flying route from Los Angeles to Shanghai, China.  A lot of miles - 6478!


Overlook Los Angeles and the sea from airplane.


Its evening when we back to Shanghai.




Looking forward to see you at Tucson on 2013!

Here we are - Room 268 of Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly Innsuites)!





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