Arizona Mineral and Fossil show

Jan. 31 - Feb. 14 2009

Were at Room 127 of Quality Inn - Benson Highway



Jin at front of a house of Tucson downtown.

Before show opening, we take some time to look around the town.


Yanna at front of another house of downtown.


Jin at entrance of Quality Inn


Our show room - No. 127





show booth


Our old friends visit us - Marshall and Jin


Dealers in Quanlity Inn come to say hello


Jin at entrance of Innsuites - We have a short and quick visit to Innsuites to see our old friends here.


Tents outsides of Innsuites


Display at Lobby of Innsuite


Sure well come to see the main show - Jin at entrance


Fine display at Main show



Beryl from Colorado USA


With the BIG RED Rhodochrosite from Colorado USA, absolutely its a fine display too.


Fine stibnite from China.


Fine specimens from private collection. Amazing!


display case from US dealers.


Powerful specimens! Some are from China.


Interesting specimens!



After show, we still have some time to look around Los Angeles.


Street of Los Angeles


the shop window along street


the shop window along street


the shop window along street


While walking down the street of Los Anleges, we found lot of shops and stores are closed and marked with For leasing.

Sad.  We hope to see theyre open when we come here next year.


For us, were happy to say the show is much better than last year.

See you again at Tucson on 2010!



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