January 29 - February 12, 2011 -- Arizona Mineral & Fossil show - Tucson

Were at Room 122 of Quality Inn - Benson Highway



A frozen water fountain

Among all 2011 Tucson show reports, I assume similar photo as this one is used continually. This year, Tucson has very unusual  low temperatures and it has the lowest record in Tucson since records began.


Though weather is cold, the show is warm as always. At opening day, dealers are enjoying the party organized by Martin Zinn. 


Nice evening, Soft light & happy talking - Now its Dealers time.


Minerals at our showroom - wholesale lot


Its the first year that we use this kind of shelf at Tucson show. Its good for our large quantity minerals.


Shelf along another side of the room


Fine mineral specimens




Jin and Yanna





Jin at entrance of Tucson Mall - were hunting for Bestbuys!


At Tucson Mall, we find a store named Regis.

One of our friends name is Regis too. Let me take a picture here and ask Regis, is this store yours?


After show - we take some time to go around Tucson. 

Were surprised to find this place at downtown of Tucson. Its very different from China.



Tucsons street at downtown


Here you ever been to go around Tucson by Bus -Sun tran?

Here is the bus station at downtown. Many routes to all directions of Tucson.



A house near Inn Suites.


Again, we have to say bye to Tucson. Were leaving on evening.


While wating for next airplane, we have some time to have a cup of Starbucks Coffee.


On way back to China - Looking through the window of airplane.




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