It's time for Colorado Mineral & Fossil show (2011 Fall)  time!

We're at Room 295 of Holidy Inn. Happy to meet new and old friends here!

At 2012, we'll move to room 287.


 After Leaving Tucson, we have a stop at Silver City NM, then go ahead to Denver CO.


Going into mountains.


Zigzag road in mountains - Soooooo many abrupt turnings!


Mr. Jin is driving, very carefully.


Big tree in the GILA Natinal Forest.


More mountains More rocks!


A small village along the road.


Solar Cell - Sun is enough here though today it's cloudy.


RV on selling.



Out of the mountains, We have a stop at Los Vegas NM.


Good morning Mr. Eagle! Have you found a rabbit for breakfast?


Land in Colorado - The earth is greener and greener.


A rest area along I-25.


Hi Denver, here we are!



Mr. Jin at entrance of Holiday Inn



Our show room #295


A lot of materials in our show room - Fine mineral specimens & Wholesale mineral flats!



Out for lunch - Here are Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut, Tacobell...  We like Pizzahut!



Fresh hot Pizza!



After one week's happy time at show, it's time to go home! See you next year - Denver!


Jin and his car

We stop at a very small town, where we meet two young students from China and have had a happy talk with these pretty girls.


Blue and clean sky, white cloud, green big tree, golden yellow flowers on green grass...   Excellent sightseeing!


Back to Tucson, we have 2 days' time for shopping - hunting for the Bestbuy.


Bus Station - No. 3 is the line for Tucson to Los Angeles.


The Airplane is leaving Los Angeles - During this trip most time the airplane will fly in evening.


After 11 hours' flying, we arrived at Busan Korea. It's early morning, some early bird travelers still have a rest while waiting for next airplane. The big windows face east - a good place to see sunrise. Soon later, the big orange-red sun come out, we get the first golden sunlight!


Overlook Busan (Incheon) Airport, Korea


Back to Beijing


 See you at Colorado Mineral & Fossil show - 2012 Fall !

We're at Room 287 of  Ramada Plaza Hotel (formly Holiday Inn - Central Denver)).

Happy to meet new and old friends here!





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