Tucson Show Information  

The picture below is our show room No. 127 at Quality Inn during 2008 Tucson Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show. And you will see that we post some pictures of  our mineral specimens on the door, its a great idea, maybe that is  unique at the show.



Quality Inn:The two pictures below were the image of Quality Inn .And you know ,our show place were at RM127 Quality Inn .And next year we will still there.



 Inn Suite



Here were two pictures of the  Westward Look Show .There you would see many fine and top minerals !



Ramada Limted : Where you would find many kinds of fossils



Chairman Aaron Jin in the front of the gate of Tucson convention Center !




Aaron Jin in the convention Center. And you will see many minerals there.



Aaron Jin and Yanna at a Tucson native minerals and fossil Show ---MINERAL AND FOSSIL CO-OP.






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