Shiny & Iridescent Pyrite at INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of Calcite crystals - Phantom Crystals!  Looks like Benz emblem! 

Much Better in Person than Photo! 





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Pyrite on Calcite   CM250041J    USD368.00

Size:  26*14*12 cm,  Weight: 5 kg

Chenzhou, Hunan




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Calcite CM931868J    USD1800.00  

Size 48*31*16cm  Wight 19.3kg

 Chenzhou, Hunan China




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Manganocalcite   CM991585  USD3500.00

Weight: 31 kg

Hunan, China 






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  Superb specimen of calcite! Lustrous crystals with complete sharp termination.The iron-rich mine gives color to the crystals.

Calcite   CM991396  USD415.00  

Daye, Hubei




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Calcite   CM080792   USD 4600.00     

size: 38*31*10cm   weight: 9.8kg







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Calcite   CM085256   USD 1850.00  

Size 49*30*14cm   Weight 17.1kg

Chenzhou, Hunan





Bornite & Pyrite on Calcite  CM080242   USD 1800.00

Size (L*W*H): 43*28*12 CM, Weight: 17.8kg




RARE AND AESTHETIC! Golden pyrite ball strew calcite blades perfectly. Again, this is a new find with very limited quantity!

Calcite & Pyrite  CM984239  USD 2700.00

42.5*34.5*11 CM      13 KG

Chenzhou, Hunan, China





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