The second generation of grey cubic Fluorite over Jade like lime green DODECAHEDRONS of Fluorite, which are associated by white drusy Quartz crystals. Sometime people move part of the upper grey Fluorite off to expose the green Fluorite. So the specimens will get a contrast of Grey and Green. We prefer to keep them natural, same as what they were. But this is good too. The Quantity from mine is limited.







Fluorite   CM334225  USD 135.00

Size: 18.5*13.5*8cm  Weight: 2355g










Fluorite   CM344226  USD 135.00

Size: 14*9*6cm  Weight: 870g











Fluorite   CM354227EE  USD 85.00

Size: 12*11.5*6.5cm  Weight: 1080g






Fluorite   CM374229  USD 85.00

Size: 11*8*7cm  Weight: 920g











Fluorite   CM394230  USD 49.00

Size: 16*13*8cm  Weight: 1965g








Fluorite   CM304231  USD 49.00

Size: 20*12*6cm  Weight: 1890g






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