This Sphalerite from a new locality - Nandan, Guangxi. Theyre from a small pocket. All turn out are rough rocks with serious damage, total more than 100kg. After cutting and trimming, only following pieces are good.






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Sphalerite on Quartz   CM392395EE   USD 335.00

Size: 22*20.5*5.5 cm,  Weight: 2750 g

Nandan, Guangxi






Sphalerite on Quartz     CM362400   USD 98.00

Size: 19.5*11*5 cm,  Weight: 1520  g

Nandan, Guangxi






Sphalerite, Quartz and Barite   CM372401   USD 98.00

Size: 14*10.5*5.5 cm,  Weight:  960 g

Nandan, Guangxi







Sphalerite   CM382402   USD 168.00

Size: 12.8*6.5*3 cm,  Weight: 400 g

Nandan, Guangxi





Sphalerite on Quartz   CM332407   USD 68.00

Size:  9*6*3 cm,  Weight:  160 g

Nandan, Guangxi







Sphalerite on Quartz   CM342408   USD 68.00

Size: 11.5*9*3.5 cm,  Weight: 340  g

Nandan, Guangxi




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