Gemmy, Gold and Transparent Sphalerite! The crystal is very Clear and Clean inside. 

  They're used for facetted gemstones too. This is a finished cutting:







Sphalerite   CM382664   USD 295.00

Size: 7*5*4.5 cm,  Weight:  225g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia




Sphalerite   CM302666EE   USD 250.00

Size: 7*5*4.5 cm,  Weight: 185 g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia





Sphalerite & Quartz      CM312667E    USD 210.00

Size: 6.5*5*4.5 cm,  Weight: 145 g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia






Sphalerite   CM352670EE   USD 170.00

Size: 5.5*4*3 cm,  Weight: 95 g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia



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