AESTHETIC clusters of octahedral Fluorite in contrastive snowy-white matrix.  The crystal are translucent green and are zoned deep violet on the edges.  They are the best from this location!

They were the BEST pieces from what we gained during last years. As far as we know from the source, it'll be very difficult to have such EXCELLENT find in future.




Octahedron Fluorite   CM354560   USD248.00   

Size: 13.7*9.5*5.5cm  Weight:  490g

Dean, Jiangxi







Octahedron Fluorite   CM374562E    USD210.00   

Size: 15.5*13.5*5.5cm  Weight: 1105 g

Dean, Jiangxi








Octahedron Fluorite   CM314566EE   USD310.00   

Size: 23*16*2.5cm  Weight:   580g

Dean, Jiangxi


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