Special ! Several Quartz cluster inclusions look like flying Dragonfly. The long Rutile crystals seem to be grass. Does it remind you the scene in summer?

The top of this column is elliptical (not flat). Bottom is circinal and flat, so it could stand well. 

Polished Quartz (with Quartz and Rutile inclusion )      CM490027 J    USD 498.00

Size:  11*3.7*3 cm,  Weight:  210g





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Red Quartz   CM450032E  USD 250.00

Size:  23.5*14*8.5 cm,  Weight:  1845g








Smoky Quartz    CM470034EJ   USD 68.00

Size:  15*8*7 cm,  Weight:  1045g

Rizhao, China








Smoky Quartz   CM400037 J   USD 98.00

Size:  22.5*14*7 cm,  Weight:  1120g

Rizhao, China




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