Vivid deep blue Fluorite crystals, with shades that vary between indigo and navy blue on a matrix of white crystallized Quartz. The smaller Fluorite crystals are neatly cubic, with small dodecahedron bevels and with very well defined curvatures on faces and       edges, while the largest ones are unusually strongly rounded, a very uncommon shape for Fluorite. This shape is due to the           balanced forms of the cube, polycrystalline and deeply edged, and the smooth dodecahedral faces, both dodecahedron and cube   have curved faces and edges. Completely different from other, previous finds in Huanggang, it is a kind of dream for lovers of       unusual crystallography.
The Quartz crystals are interesting too ĘC the center is colorless clear transparent, with white/Milky Quartz coating, then some white/Milky drusy Quartz crystals on body. Enclosed photo show the structure:
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Localtiy: Huanggang Mines, shaft 4, Hexigten Banner, Ulanhad, Inner Mongolia



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Blue Fluorite on Quartz      CM433334     USD630.00

Size: 8.7*3.5*3.5cm      Weight: 130g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia


Blue Fluorite on Quartz      CM443335E     USD630.00

Size: 7.5*4.5*3.8cm      Weight: 130g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia


Blue Fluorite on Quartz      CM463337     USD630.00

Size: 8.5*5.7*5cm      Weight: 225g

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia


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