These Opriment/Realgers are of very good color and luster. All are natural, NOT treated by acid.



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Orpiment         CM483546     USD335.00

Size: 12.2*8.5*6cm     Weight: 395g

Qinglong, Guizhou


Orpiment & Realgar         CM493547      USD250.00

Size: 12.5*7.5*5cm     Weight: 435g

Qinglong, Guizhou


Orpiment & Realgar         CM403548      USD250.00

Size: 13*8.5*7cm     Weight: 660g

Qinglong, Guizhou


Orpiment & Realgar        CM413549      USD168.00

Size: 10.2*6.5*7cm     Weight: 290g

Qinglong, Guizhou


Orpiment         CM453552E      USD49.00

Size: 7*6*3.5cm     Weight: 145g

Qinglong, Guizhou


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