These Smoky/Black Quartz are natural, NOT treated by any way.

-- The Crystals are very sharp. They are in perfect condition, well termianted.

-- Good luster, very bright.

-- Some pieces are accompanied by Green needle like Epidote & brown/yellow Chabasite. With the pink Feldspar matrix, its good color contrast.

-- Theyre from miners own collection. Great quality!



Smoky  Quartz & Molybdenite      CM464174      USD98.00

Weight: 145g

Rizhao, Shandong


Smoky  Quartz & Epidote      CM474175      USD45.00

Weight: 210g

Rizhao, Shandong


Smoky  Quartz      CM404178      USD68.00

Weight: 190g

Rizhao, Shandong


Smoky  Quartz & Epidote      CM414179      USD35.00

Weight: 100g

Rizhao, Shandong


Smoky  Quartz, Epidote & Chabasite    CM434180      USD85.00

Size: 8*7*5.5cm      Weight: 270g

Rizhao, Shandong


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