2017 Arizona Mineral and Fossil show at Tucson.

See us at Room 177 of Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly Innsuites)


Please noted that were moved to Room 177, still at same Building F as before.

Room 177 is the first room at the wing building facing parking lot.


The new lobby of Hotel Tucson City Center.


When we arrived, its rainy & cold. We were told that this was Tucsons two-weeks winter. Yes, the winter is only two weeks.


When show starts, its sunny & warm.


Our show room.


I like the bones & the beasts, Mr. Jin says.


Enjoy the show, enjoy the sun, enjoy the lunch!


We have a quick look at the main show at the last day.



Oh my God! The Alma Rose - dream red!


Look at this!

More and more beautiful displays.


Rock art - interesting.


Busy food cart at back yard of main show.

After grabbing my eyes off the treasures inside the building, I feel I come back to real world when my nose get the smell of food.

After show, we come to see Bioshpere 2.


The Forest building.

Biosphere 2 from the inside.


The controlling system.


The southern lung.



The famous gunfight picture - Tombstone


Tombstone street



A local restaurant - its good.


On 11:00am,  the street becomes busy.




We have had a good show again this year. Love the show, love Tucson!


Looking forward to see you next year!





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