Chinese The pictures about the chinese Mines


So far, the most spectacular finds from China are mineral specimens from Inner Mongolia absolutely! Highly lustrous Lollingite, Ilvaites & Arsenopyrite, transparent-colorless and pink Fluorite, deep pink Calcite, splendid green Quartz, Hedenbergite, Scepter Quartz, Magnetite, Scheelite, Helvite are among the aesthetic highlights of this Fe-Zn deposit C HuangGangLiang Mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.
We have many times trip to this mine and spend several months here. Here are some photos from last winter.


In winter, its very cold at Inner Mongolia. Most time will be below -30 centi-degree. All roads are snow-covered. Its difficult for driving.



Trucks for iron ore transportation.


Road to mine.


Iron ore covered by snow.


HuangGangLiang Mine working area.



One Exit of Mine - from where Quartz and Manganocalcite are mined.


Newly mined Lollingite, Scepter Quartz and Manganocalcite.


Newly mined big size Manganocalcite.


City of Keshiketeng Qi.


 These horses are not wild, but owned by some family. Theyre not cared by people. They eat withered grass and snow only!


Fox - the most popular animals of local area.


One of Living Quarters of miners.


On May of 2011, we visit the Dark Smoky Quartz mine again. Its at Wulian, Shandong Province.

Here come out the dark smoky quartz, calcite, fluorite, chabazite etc.


This is a big mineing area, mainly for granite as building mateirals.






Smoky quartz from this mine


Smoky quartz from this mine



 BIG Smoky quartz from this mine




This is Dayu in Jiangxi which is called the capital of tungsten. It is well known all over the world.

It is rich in producing scheelite wolframite, fluorite, quartz,calcite and so on.( The person in the first picture is our chairman)





This is the very famous Yaogangxian located in Hunan Province.

Here supplies the world with bournonite, fluorite, arsenopyrite and quartz and so on .




This is the Stibium-mineral mine in Lengshuijiang. It is the biggest and oldest in China.

It is the first place to produce stibnite crystals.





Below is Xuebaoding in Pingwu.

The rare orange scheelite and the black cassiterite board come from here.








This is the famous Qinglongdachang.

It is rich in stibium companied by many other minerals such as fluorites, gypsum, stibnite and azurite.