It's new find from Inner Mongolia!   The Stepped cubic Green Fluorite crystal has blue/purple Center.  
There are three kinds of interesting form:
A, The Fluorite crystals are aftering by a kind of white minerals - it looks the white mineral is growing like frost   flower inside of the Fluorite crystal (as the #1 photo).
B, Part of the Fluorite crystals was aftered by white minerals (as #2 photo).
C, The Fluorite crystals were totally aftered by white minerals. So some Fluorite pseudomorph are cubic (as #3 photo), some are octahedron (as #4 photo).
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Blue/Purple Center Green Fluorite   CM750584EE   USD 45.00

Size:  4.5*4.4*3.4 cm   Weight:  75 g

Chifeng, Inner, Mongolia, China



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