This is new find Fluorite from Fujian China.  The Fluorite is very clear & transparent, with lovely purple phantom inside. Some Fluorite specimens have  Calcite coating on bottom. When taking photos, the camera always see through the clear transparent Fluorite and catch the bottom only. Therefore, on     most photos, the color is kind of mixture of green, yellow & purple. ACTUALLY ALL FLUORITE SPECIMENS ARE GREEN SAME AS THE            SAMPLE PHOTO, OR GREENER.

The Calcite coating could be cleaned off by Acid, but we did not clean them yet and keep the specimens as originals.


sample photo A

After cleaning Calcite off.

Holding the Fluorite on hand.


sample photo B

After cleaning Calcite off.

Fluorite on table with white paper on bottom.



sample photo C

Calcite coating on bottom.

(before clearning) 










Green Fluorite with Purple Phantom    CM840077   USD 46.00

Size:  7.8*6.2*5 cm,  Weight:  185 g

Fujian, China








Green Fluorite with Purple Phantom    CM850078   USD 46.00

Size:  7.4*6.7*3.5 cm,  Weight:  245 g

Fujian, China




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