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New       New  

           Fluorite Lamp    Manmade Chrysanthemum Stone


   New       New      New      New

     Polished Amethyst Point  Polished Garden Quartz   Polished Amethyst Tower  Silicon Carbide flat


New    New     New   New  

  Azurite Lot          Pyrite Nodule Lot              Fluorite Lot       Green Quartz by kg 


New      New     New    

  Spinel Lot      Quartz with Hematite Lot         Flash LED Quartz Pendant   



       Apatite by kg       Jewelry         Polished Octahedron Pyrite       Rhodochrosite Pendant    Quartz Art



 UV Light    Selenite Slab by kg    Drilled colored Quartz      Smoky Quartz by KG       Kyanite by kg



 Quartz with Hematite  Yellow Quartz by KG  Quartz/Rutile by KG      Hemimorphite Lot     Tumbled Quartz       LED Light & Plate



 Polished Labradorite      Azurite/Malachite by KG      Chalcanthite on Quartz        Red Blood Stone 



  Acrylic Base & Plastic Box   Orpiment by kg   Tumbled Fluorite    Amethyst Crystal     Pyrite Nodule #2    Polished Amethyst Points  



 Polished Fluorite Slice       Iridescent Pyrite Lot         Quartz with Hematite           Carving     



Quartz         Polished Cube Pyrite       Cubic Pyrite Crystal           Pyrite Nodule #1       Iridescent Pyrite Nodule  



 Tektite           Polished Products             Chrysanthemum Stone           Pyrite            Fluorite Slice



 Selenite      Quartz           Bubble Quartz    Inclusion quartz          Jiangxi Fluorite       Quartz 1        Quartz 2     Quartz Crystal 



  Aragonite        Schorl           Single Quartz      Fluorite Crystal      Cinnabar 




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